Items in the Kabukis Collection

Koyudo H005
When I first got it, I did not know how much I would use it. Perfectly well shaped, rounded and evenly layered, enough density to deliver the easiest application of bronzer.

Koyudo H008
It just cannot be any softer, any denser. Worth a lot but you get the best quality.

Koyudo H011
Extremely dense but extremely soft, the softest goat hair that you can find ! If you are looking for high coverage with the softest application, don't look any further.

Koyudo Macaron
Very unique although I don't use it ... it's extremely soft and dense!

Hakuhodo Maple Kinoko White Large
The quality of these maple kabuki bases are extraordinary, perfection. The feel luxurious and they look gorgeous.

Hakuhodo Maple Kinoko White Medium
Directional kabuki, firm and dense.

Hakuhodo Maple Kinoko Brush White Small
Very directional, very cute.

Koyudo Walt Disney 110th Anniversary
Not made anymore but funny to look at, beautiful and soft enough, I am totally in love with it and surprised that Koyudo can make goat brushes that are still soft enough to use on more sensitive skin.

Chikuhodo Temari
This is an extremely efficient brush, I love it for applying Mac Mineralized skin finish, will give me a sheer natural coverage without it looking like powder. You can build the application but if you are looking for heavy coverage, you better get a…

Hakuhodo Kinoko flat Vermilion
I don't use it much since I have very sensitive skin and this is a very dense mass of hair with not much flexibility, I just enjoy looking at it....
Very adapted for traditional japanese makeup.