Items in the Fans Collection

Koyudo H013
This is what happens when cute comes with efficiency. It's soft enough, full, you can use it lightly on the surface of your skin or more dynamically to blend and buff the powder application underneath.

Hakuhodo Fan Black
A tapered fan, super soft.

Koyudo H012
As good as a fan brush can get! it's fluffy, dense, super efficient.

Hakuhodo White Fan
You can use it for finishing and since it's white goat hair, even if you still have liquid or cream products on your skin, this is much more appropriate than squirrel brushes for that purpose.

Hakuhodo J4004
A cute fan that dusts away fallout without altering the underneath application since it's not too dense or too firm, however, it is denser than most of the fans available on the market which I find most of the time too thin to be useful at all.