Items in the Lips Collection

Shu Uemura 7H
For the Shu Uemura brush lovers, an interesting shape of brush, slanted and curvy, not that easy to master but that's a personal feeling, I guess... therefore I am more using it for concealer than lips.

Lunasol EX N
One of the best lip brushes in terms of size, thickness and ease of application. The handle is very heavy, if you are looking for a light lip brush do not take this one, this feels heavy and solid.

職人仕様 紅筆 大 Craftsman Specification Lipstick Brush
A present from Hakuhodo's General Manager, he wanted me to have a few Traditional Brushes as a souvenir from my visit and this included the Craftsman lipstick brush.
This is a lipstick/eyeliner brush more appropriate for Geisha makeup, absolutely…