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One Question, One Hall

This Hall is entirely based on questions that I receive on a very regular basis, I will group those questions and reply to them here: more visual, more fun!    

If you have any special similar request, I can take note and plan it for the future. Leave me a comment in the forum, in this section :

Brush Temple Discussion

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The Best Way to Care for your Brushes

I love to take care of the brushes, the better the care, the longer their life-span. 

I have a post on this topic here, but to summarize, I keep it very simple and reasonnable: for the non-dyed goat brushes I use Savon de Marseille, simply because the results are better and whiter than with baby shampoo and after so many years they still look like new.

For the more delicate brushes, squirrel and dyed brushes, I use mild neutral baby shampoo and avoid to wash them too often. For daily cleaning I use a micro fiber cloth to remove oils and residue.

If you are a professional, you will need alcohol based products and if you use delicate brushes, the less-damaging way is to spray alcohol on a tissue and then rub the tip of the brush softly onto the tissue, but best would be to have some more resilient brushes for heavy use.  

In the past months, I have received a few leaflets from the brands that I will share here with their direct authorisation, the idea is to centralize all their useful advice in a single place, this caring Hall. Better to get advice right from the source.

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Hardcore Shopping

We often let our passion drive us, it can lead us to a wise reasonable purchase or a totally crazy acquisition but at the end, what we want is a fulfillment of our desires, whatever they are.

Having that feeling is not always achievable but when it is, it's worth the money, the trouble and the hassle endured.
This is about brush findings that have caused entire satisfaction and that can potentially also end in your Love list.

If you are scared to order "unknown" products, I have been there (and I know many of you too), it's a risk, but sometimes it's truly worth it. 

Remember that Google Chrome (translation of websites while navigating them) is your best friend. There are also forwarding companies (like Tenso) and shopping helpers (like Tommy) who will process the orders for you and save you the hassle. 

Welcome to Kabukiland

A Kabuki brush, also called "mushroom brush" is a makeup brush with a short stem and dense bristles. They are popular not only because they can be devilishly cute but because they can be really convenient and replace a bronzer, blush, powder, foundation in just one unique little brush.
I love kabuki brushes because of all those reasons but also the traditional side of it, the origine of their name comes from the Kabuki Japanese theater where they were heavily used to apply white rice powder on the actors's entire faces. It's a tradition in Japan, a fun brush and an useful tool at the same time, too many great reasons to enter Kabukiland...

The Seventh Heaven

Designed to be the Supremacy amongst all brushes, this selection of brushes is la creme de la creme.
Every brand has its hits and misses, sometimes you will have to pay a very high price to get the Best, sometimes the Best is affordable and just around the corner, if you want to avoid temptation, don't open this door...

Favorites by Category

What makes a brush a daily favorite ? Ease of use, comfort, efficiency.
We all have our own technique and preferences therefore it's not always the most supreme brush that will fall into this category. If you are a professional you will look for a more enduring brush, if you have skin problems like me, your preferences will be for softer but still efficient brushes that will shorten the buffing process. 

This is a short list, by topic, of those that I cannot live without, either they save me a huge amount of time or they transform the whole makeup process in an easy relaxing moment.  

Must-haves by Audience and Topics

I had fun selecting some on a per category, trying to help either a begginer to find his or her best investments or trying to target the colletor's curiosity. I did not forget those of you who need the softest brushes... this is a fun world full of new fantastic possibilities and you can very easily be overwhelmed by them. 

If you don't know which ones you should go for, proceed slowly and one at a time... ^_^

It's better to invest in a good brush because there are chances that it will end saving you money. If you have the right tools you will most probably end using more of your less-loved makeup products, the difference in the result is very much improved and enhanced. 


Extreme, unique, or undupeable... some brushes are odd, either just fun to look at, or surprinsingly good.
When you are hunting for something a bit different or want to see what on earth can the artisans can create, here is a selection of some wonders or curiosities, for a laugh or for a reason, Brush Lovers... please com'in..