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Amazing shape, fantastic price, is not appropriate for sensitive eyelids since it can poke a bit but... it's softer than my Mac 226 and my Sigma E45 so if I had to choose...

Shame it's not that soft because it would be a very affordable dupe to the Mac 239.
It pokes but the shape is well made.

Whenever I use Mac paintpots or thicker cream shadows these are this is the brush I use to place the product. Also for powder products but works much better with cream.

Fantastic brush for smudging cream eyeshadows or pencils on the lashline, extremely soft and dense enough to do the job and deliver huge satisfaction... when it comes to liquids and creams. I do not use them with powder since I very much prefer…

The best synthetic brush I own for applying Mac paintpots all over the eye area. Blends efficiently, is soft enough for delicate eyes.

Scratchy, not worth its price. Promising shape, very similar shape to the Mac 239 but not as thick and it pokes. Not evenly layered.

A huge eyeshadow brush yet tapered which can allow a little bit of precision for the blending, extremely soft, easy to control. Excellent hair quality and densely packed.

Tiny little brushes can be used for many things, gel liner, fixing problems with mascara or even transferring mascara onto the lashes, smudging, etc. This little brush has a size that allows all that plus more but it's not that soft around the eyes,…

A crease brush for smaller lids, even though it's squirrel hair it is firm and has enough density to pick the product and place it precisely. The smaller version of the S142.

Tiny, cute and insanely soft brush, a gem for the lovers of smaller brushes.
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