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The first time I saw this brush I truly thought they were gone too far... still, it did not take me long to consider it!
It stayed in my cart for a long time because I simply couldn't justify getting it, after all it looked just like a cute but…

The mother of all kabukis, in terms of size, a giant.
High coverage for the body, extremely soft and dense. Also appropriate for the face but don't seek for precision here, to be used like a finishing brush for the face or like a body brush for…

Sometimes you just fall for the handles... as long as the quality of the hair is soft enough to use I could not resist this one.
Not the softest option at all, but sometimes I need a little bit more "roughness" to grab more product on the surface…


It’s meant for powder, I use it also for bronzer, it can deliver a sheer to heavy coverage, absolutely flawless and even. I can pack a lot of product, with more pigmented bronzers you will need to tap the excess off, I never ended with harsh…


An option to the Mac 239, fluffier (thicker), a bit bigger but for me it has become a favorite, softer than the Mac 239 therefore better when my eyelids need more care.

Not the softest goat hair ever but in terms of efficiency it's truly good. An option when most of the powder foundation brushes are too dense for you and you are looking for a sheerer coverage.

This is the brush that converted me into a brush-beast.. Loving every single hair, it's as soft as squirrel hair.


I don't use it much since I have very sensitive skin and this is a very dense mass of hair with not much flexibility, I just enjoy looking at it....
Very adapted for traditional japanese makeup.

This is an extremely efficient brush, I love it for applying Mac Mineralized skin finish, will give me a sheer natural coverage without it looking like powder. You can build the application but if you are looking for heavy coverage, you better get a…

Not made anymore but funny to look at, beautiful and soft enough, I am totally in love with it and surprised that Koyudo can make goat brushes that are still soft enough to use on more sensitive skin.
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