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This brush is Limited Edition and only sold at Hiroshima in the JR train station souvenir shop.
It has been given it to me by Chikuhodo's President, Mr Shin Takemori, during my visit, he told me that he was pretty sure I didn't had that one! ^_^…

If you browse Rakuten website, you may find extraordinary little gems hidden in there. This is an example of what can be discovered. A small brush but a huge potential! The design is outstanding, the quality too. They are LE and as far as I know they…

Beautiful mix of squirrel/goat (30/70), huge powder brush, huge love. Despite its short handle, still feels well-balanced and solid, and of course, this is quite a unique design.
This is from a set that has been discontinued but as I already…

This is how the new version of the Rae Morris range looks, you can see the big difference and improvement in quality versus the first launched collection. The old brush #3 has a weird shape as if it was the result of a failed prototype.
Now the new…

Did not enjoy the quality of her first and discontinued range at all, extremely disappointed by the quality of the handles and the material. Except for the Radiance 27 which has always met my expectations.
Today this is a new release of an old…

A powder brush that will fit many usages and audience from the beginner to the professional.
Efficient with most products, most techniques, has similar dupe options but this is a bit more sprayed out and therefore it makes it more multipurpose.

A Limited Edition brush of 30 pieces, in terms of softness it's as close as you can get to the Suqqu Cheek.

I prefer to use it for cream blushes or sculpting but if you are into flat foundation brushes this is as good as it gets.

Super dense and soft brush, for heavier applications and more blending power.

This is a very cute little stippling guy... can be of huge help for many little tasks, sculpting, blending, setting, you name it. I use it mostly for cream blush.


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