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In love with the Chikuhodo G series, finding them multipurpose, soft, and efficient.

I don't fancy the handle but I just couldn't leave the boutique without it, answers my deeper needs for a huge super-soft powder brush.

They simply got it right, favorite blush shape brush for a daily usage, will work with most of the powder products you use daily but although this is consider as a highlighter brush by Chikuhodo, for me it is definitely a blush brush.

Just like the similar LQ-11, not that attracted by its color, but it is one of the best brushes for professionals, multipurpose to work with many cream/liquid products. A big love of mine for a simple every day use.

Huge brush, fluffy and quite dense thanks to the blend with sable. Gives the brush more resilience and fullness, is not soft like a full squirrel brush but still, a wonderful efficient giant.

It’s a crease goat brush, just like many other crease brushes, it will blend your application without altering your makeup look, it doesn’t have enough precision for me and I prefer the Tom Ford for crease work, then I usually pick a denser one…

This brush is Limited Edition and only sold at Hiroshima in the JR train station souvenir shop.
It has been given it to me by Chikuhodo's President, Mr Shin Takemori, during my visit, he told me that he was pretty sure I didn't had that one! ^_^…

Wasn't really attracted to the color of this goat hair but it is truly efficient, soft enough and appropriate for many liquid and cream foundations.

Cherry Blossom Makie art, specially made for brush lovers ... with a high budget.
A more oval shape than the Z-9, they are soft but still enough density for powder or bronzer application.

Huge coup de coeur. Loving the shape, round, dense enough and so soft and wonderful to use.


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