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A very appropriate blush brush for everyone, will fit most of the blush textures and application needs.

A blend of squirrel with weasel to allow more efficiency,

Made by the craftsmen such as Mr.Kazuo Hayashi,who has been chosen as "a modern master craftsman" in Kyoto.

Fantastic size for Koyudo Fu-pa brushes, or kabukis, cute little pouch that will safely store your brushes without risking that the…

During my visit to Kumano, I had the opportunity to visit Fudenosato Kobo : the brush museum. Mandatory stop for me to visit this museum. Near the entrance they have a little boutique where you can see/touch and buy some beautiful brushes made by…

The only brush from Burberry that I can actually use. The others aren't very soft, this is also an option to the Suqqu S.

I think this must be the softest within her brush collection. It's efficient and soft enough for delicate skin. Softer brushes exist, but if I had to keep only from her collection it would be this one.

Today the Artist series are not sold by Chikuhodo anymore but you can find the Regular series and the R-C2 is the one that corresponds to this brush, with even better quality.
I am loving the shape, dense and super mega soft.

For sure, a great pointy and unique shape, ideal for highlighting, or setting powder, in terms of contouring, I prefer a "not-so-pointy" option with more surface to deal with at the tip.

Just like the Shu Uemura foundation or the Koyudo BP014, small foundation/sculpting brush.

Fantastic little brush for precision application and sheer to medium coverage.
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