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For those of you who want a giant version of the Shu Uemura 18 goat, it's often how you end getting this, because you are looking for a faster application but still want density and blending power.

In my top 5 brushes ever... but it's a very personal opinion. I am very impressed, it's big and will cover a very wide surface due to its flat shape. The density is higher than most squirrel brushes, is firm enough to work with every single bronzer I…

When goat bristles go soft, luxurious and expensive it result in Kashoen WA series...
I have received replacement brushes because the first ones I had were not 100% satisfactory.
The new brushes are much better but this Kashoen powder brush has…

A foundation brush extremely soft and dense, does not require an additional step for finishing.
Different ways to use it, either just for finishing the application or for the whole foundation application process, if used for the whole process it…

A huge mop for some... a holy grail for others...
For me this is a must-have foundation or finishing brush. Can buff anything to perfection, soft enough but firm enough to leave the most flawless finish.

Probably the most coveted blush brush, soft like no other and luxurious.
It has only very few dupes and there are brushes that could compete with it, but having the Suqqu cheek is a necessity for a brush collector.
If you had to have only one,…

This is what happens when cute comes with efficiency. It's soft enough, full, you can use it lightly on the surface of your skin or more dynamically to blend and buff the powder application underneath.


Today the Artist series are not sold by Chikuhodo anymore but you can find the Regular series and the R-C2 is the one that corresponds to this brush, with even better quality.
I am loving the shape, dense and super mega soft.

Pointy and interesting brush that I wanted to try from Eihodo, again a very short handle and wished they were a bit longer. In terms of softness and head I am happy with it.
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