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If you have the possibility to visit Kyoto and Yojiya, you have to browse their accessories. They have very interesting wooden cases for the brushes that protect them from humidity or brush rolls that are of fantastic quality. I needed a very small…

Very interesting fan case, no need to pull the fan by the hair here... you push it in... and you push it out through the other side ^_^
If you are a fan lover, this is simply a must-have.

Made by the craftsmen such as Mr.Kazuo Hayashi,who has been chosen as "a modern master craftsman" in Kyoto.

Fantastic size for Koyudo Fu-pa brushes, or kabukis, cute little pouch that will safely store your brushes without risking that the…

Safe storage of brushes due to the clasp instead of a zip.
The max length of a brush that can fit inside is : 18.5cm.
A Mac 239 for example would fit without problems.
There are 4 large and long compartments on one side and 4 on the left (the…
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