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I bought this belt when I was in London browsing the Illamasqua beauty counters with my friend Dena (and an Illamasqua fan). My basket was full of products but this belt was the one item I loved the most.
It is now discontinued on their website and…

This brush is Limited Edition and only sold at Hiroshima in the JR train station souvenir shop.
It has been given it to me by Chikuhodo's President, Mr Shin Takemori, during my visit, he told me that he was pretty sure I didn't had that one! ^_^…

The mother of all kabukis, in terms of size, a giant.
High coverage for the body, extremely soft and dense. Also appropriate for the face but don't seek for precision here, to be used like a finishing brush for the face or like a body brush for…

I use all the brushes I own, this morning I used this 226, I remember how highly praised it was but mine is so rough I have to reduce the amount of times I touch my skin with the tip, it pokes. I heard the first ones released some time ago were…

This will probably never be released... I got it just because I was there at the right moment and I could not let go... ^_^

Not made anymore but funny to look at, beautiful and soft enough, I am totally in love with it and surprised that Koyudo can make goat brushes that are still soft enough to use on more sensitive skin.
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