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I prefer to use it for cream blushes or sculpting but if you are into flat foundation brushes this is as good as it gets.

A foundation brush extremely soft and dense, does not require an additional step for finishing.
Different ways to use it, either just for finishing the application or for the whole foundation application process, if used for the whole process it…

Sometimes you just fall for the handles... as long as the quality of the hair is soft enough to use I could not resist this one.
Not the softest option at all, but sometimes I need a little bit more "roughness" to grab more product on the surface…


It’s a great flat brush, no doubts about that, providing you love flat foundation brushes. I haven’t found a flat brush that I could achieve a great finish with, I still feel I need to use another one to blend and finish the application and…

Did not enjoy the quality of her first and discontinued range at all, extremely disappointed by the quality of the handles and the material. Except for the Radiance 27 which has always met my expectations.
Today this is a new release of an old…

A huge mop for some... a holy grail for others...
For me this is a must-have foundation or finishing brush. Can buff anything to perfection, soft enough but firm enough to leave the most flawless finish.

I used this brush for many years before I splurge into other brands. It did its job better than other flat foundation brushes I had before but today, new brushes do a better job for me and have replaced it. Coming from flat foundation brushes when I…
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