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I prefer to use it for cream blushes or sculpting but if you are into flat foundation brushes this is as good as it gets.

A huge eyeshadow brush yet tapered which can allow a little bit of precision for the blending, extremely soft, easy to control. Excellent hair quality and densely packed.

It’s a great flat brush, no doubts about that, providing you love flat foundation brushes. I haven’t found a flat brush that I could achieve a great finish with, I still feel I need to use another one to blend and finish the application and…

The idea of a flatter smaller brush is nice, I like that. I still am not able to use it efficiently. I don't think I need this brush at all, loving the idea of applying cream contour with a round goat brush and this is certainly not performing any…

Tiny little brushes can be used for many things, gel liner, fixing problems with mascara or even transferring mascara onto the lashes, smudging, etc. This little brush has a size that allows all that plus more but it's not that soft around the eyes,…

Just keep in mind it's very dense and very flat, the packing of color will be generous... I often use it to blend edges (either on the eye area - it's big- or to apply sculpting when I want more definition with less pigmented products.

A perfectly shaped candle brush, so soft, directional but bundled with a density that makes the application effortless. The Z series have the particularity of reassembling some of the most interesting brush shapes in the most perfect quality.

Just a brow brush, with a luxurious handle, if you need high precision this might be too wide, for my large brows that just need some filling, it works perfectly well.

As of today, this is the most expensive brush in my collection. The softest, a must-have for a collector who has very demanding criteria but a very high budget too. There is nothing this brush does than another cheaper one can't but the exclusivity…

Unique thanks to its shape : very thick at the base, thinner at the top. One of my favorite base eyeshadow brushes ! efficiency and luxury in one.
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