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This brush is Limited Edition and only sold at Hiroshima in the JR train station souvenir shop.
It has been given it to me by Chikuhodo's President, Mr Shin Takemori, during my visit, he told me that he was pretty sure I didn't had that one! ^_^…

During my visit to Kumano, I had the opportunity to visit Fudenosato Kobo : the brush museum. Mandatory stop for me to visit this museum. Near the entrance they have a little boutique where you can see/touch and buy some beautiful brushes made by…

Made by the craftsmen such as Mr.Kazuo Hayashi,who has been chosen as "a modern master craftsman" in Kyoto.

Fantastic size for Koyudo Fu-pa brushes, or kabukis, cute little pouch that will safely store your brushes without risking that the…

Safe storage of brushes due to the clasp instead of a zip.
The max length of a brush that can fit inside is : 18.5cm.
A Mac 239 for example would fit without problems.
There are 4 large and long compartments on one side and 4 on the left (the…

A present from Hakuhodo's General Manager, he wanted me to have a few Traditional Brushes as a souvenir from my visit and this included the Craftsman lipstick brush.
This is a lipstick/eyeliner brush more appropriate for Geisha makeup, absolutely…
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