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Did not enjoy the quality of her first and discontinued range at all, extremely disappointed by the quality of the handles and the material. Except for the Radiance 27 which has always met my expectations.
Today this is a new release of an old…

A Limited Edition brush of 30 pieces, in terms of softness it's as close as you can get to the Suqqu Cheek.

If you need a flat buffing brush you will probably be surprised with this brush, looks more like a toy than a brush, but it's a serious brush with a lot of potential.
Loving the gradient dye on the bristles. Even though it's very flat (and I don't…


Just keep in mind it's very dense and very flat, the packing of color will be generous... I often use it to blend edges (either on the eye area - it's big- or to apply sculpting when I want more definition with less pigmented products.

A perfectly shaped candle brush, so soft, directional but bundled with a density that makes the application effortless. The Z series have the particularity of reassembling some of the most interesting brush shapes in the most perfect quality.

As of today, this is the most expensive brush in my collection. The softest, a must-have for a collector who has very demanding criteria but a very high budget too. There is nothing this brush does than another cheaper one can't but the exclusivity…

Unique thanks to its shape : very thick at the base, thinner at the top. One of my favorite base eyeshadow brushes ! efficiency and luxury in one.

If I had to have only one pencil brush it would be this. It's precise, soft, luxurious, the only reason why I don't use it more often is because I don't like to see it dirty. Honestly, I know it's expensive but it's clever, so efficient and well…

Even if you have to go via some hassle to get it, imho it's totally worth it. When I saw this brush at the Yojiya store I had to have it, even if I had the similar Hakuhodo. They are so similar that from the distance you don't see any difference,…

Huge coup de coeur. Loving the shape, round, dense enough and so soft and wonderful to use.


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