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Cherry Blossom Makie art, specially made for brush lovers ... with a high budget.
A more oval shape than the Z-9, they are soft but still enough density for powder or bronzer application.

Huge coup de coeur. Loving the shape, round, dense enough and so soft and wonderful to use.


Extremely unique thanks to its density and softness, expensive but more useful than a Suqqu Face powder brush.

A bit too floppy at the tip to be a replacement for the highly sought Suqqu S..


A perfectly shaped candle brush, so soft, directional but bundled with a density that makes the application effortless. The Z series have the particularity of reassembling some of the most interesting brush shapes in the most perfect quality.

Just keep in mind it's very dense and very flat, the packing of color will be generous... I often use it to blend edges (either on the eye area - it's big- or to apply sculpting when I want more definition with less pigmented products.

An absolute must-have if you want to start with Chikuhodo higher quality brushes. Fantastic soft and efficient brush.

Unique thanks to its shape : very thick at the base, thinner at the top. One of my favorite base eyeshadow brushes ! efficiency and luxury in one.

Big enough for bronzer but also appropriate for blush since it has a nice density a firmness to allow control. One of my fav brushes ever.

In my top 5 brushes ever... but it's a very personal opinion. I am very impressed, it's big and will cover a very wide surface due to its flat shape. The density is higher than most squirrel brushes, is firm enough to work with every single bronzer I…
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