Inglot Brush Roll (N)


Inglot Brush Roll (N)


Inglot has excellent eyeshadows and everytime I pop inside their shop I have to pick one or two... But this time I splurged in a brush roll. In my search for a very long brush roll... I found this, it has 25 compartments but some compartments are huge and can hold 2 brushes each.
It doesn't mean you can fill it with hundreds of brushes because at some point it won't close anymore...
At first it looks nice, then you will notice that if you have shorter to medium length brushes, the protection will not fully cover the head therefore the bristles can be damaged.
Only option for me is to modify the cover and extend it in order to protect all the brush length and don't just stop in the middle of it, you will see what I mean in the pictures, where the protection stops at the middle of the brush head altering the brush shape and damaging the bristles. Of course if you stick to Inglot brushes, since they are longer, you won't have this issue.
I like it because it's long but the brush roll is not of excellent quality and there is a magnet closing it (I will replace the magnet with a nice leather cord and tie it instead, this way I remove the limitation in the thickness of the roll and whatever the quantity of the brushes inside, it will close properly... ).
That's were I am thinking of doing one for myself... ^_^




Brush Rolls



Total Length (cm)

Ideally to store brushes between 15cm (ferrule base) till 23cm total length. This is to keep all the head/hair of the brushes underneath the cover without damaging the bristles.
Side pocket : 20x10cm but zip is on the side and could damage the bristles if you dont take care or protect the brush head.


Average Price

32 GBP