Brush Comb


Brush Comb


During my visit to Kumano, I had the opportunity to visit Fudenosato Kobo : the brush museum. Mandatory stop for me to visit this museum. Near the entrance they have a little boutique where you can see/touch and buy some beautiful brushes made by different Companies from Kumano.
In that boutique I saw the comb that the artisans use to comb the brushes and decided that a comb is a must-have collector item.
If you want to take care of your brushes, make them look even more beautiful, remove dust and re-shape them, combing them can be a loveable option.
The combing process has to be gentle, start from the tip and as the hair becomes easier to comb, continue from further down until you reach the ferrule base and you can smoothly run the comb from the base to the tip of the hair.


Wood / metal



Total Length (cm)

Comb length : 18.3
Comb teeth depth : 1.3

Weight (g)



Fudenosato Kobo Maybe this is an item that is sold in the TAU boutiques. CDJapan have one here :

Average Price

35 $ but not sure about the price at the boutique.
CDJapan : 41.70 $